I have a long history designing logos for all industries and even in all styles. I know what to look out for such as printing options, demographics and visual placements.





 Logo Design  $30 - $250 







Small businesses and personal websites are easy and I make them in 2-4 weeks typically for $500 unless you really have a lot of content which will increase site cost to anywhere up to $1000. Also ask about my payment plans.







 Website Design  $500-$1000  







This can be anything from hats, that typically go for $40 a design, all the way up to T-shirts which are about $75 a design. I also offer bundle deals for artists or gift stores that require many promo products






 Merchandise Design  $50-$350 







If you wish to have me regularly add content to a website this is the option for you. It covers hosting but not design and development. Basically I require either a weekly or monthly retainer of $500 to $2000 depending on how many hours you think I will need to work. $20/hr







 Website Management  $500-$1000 /monthly  







I started designing professionally as a flyer designer in Boston. I made over 200 different designs over the years and have really gotten good at kicking these out with quality and efficiency.








 Flyer Design  $40-$275 







There is a whole lot to cover here. My last re-branding campaign was for Utopia Village, a scuba diving resort in the Caribbean. Contact me Directly for a quote.







 Branding Campaign  $500/monthly or $6000